Exclusion Criteria

"Please help us keep our students healthy by keeping your child home from school if he/she experiences the following:

• Temperature of 100.4 or greater
• Diarrhea, nausea and/or vomiting
• Red eye(s) with drainage or crusting
• Scaly patches on scalp (possible ringworm)
• Any identified lice or nits in the hair
• Intense itching with evidence of open lesions or signs or symptoms of secondary infection
• Open, draining lesions
• Signs of jaundice
• Undetermined rash

Students exhibiting these symptoms are to be excluded from school until free of symptoms, fever, or taking antibiotic/prescription for 24 hours. A physician's statement of no communicability is also acceptable.

If sent home with any of the above symptoms, the student must check in with the nurse before returning to class.