PTY Salary Incentive Plan Announced

MISD Announces New Incentives For PTY Teachers
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This is the image for the news article titled MISD Announces New Incentives For PTY TeachersMarshall ISD’s Board of Trustees approved a new, additional salary incentive plan for Price T. Young Elementary School that will hopefully help the district both attract and retain high-quality educators at MISD’s highest at-risk elementary campus.

The plan, which will begin in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, is meant to “incentivize strong leadership, effective teachers and high expectations for students and staff” at PTY. The plan adopted during Monday’s regular May meeting of the MISD Board of Trustees is modeled after a similar plan currently in use in Dallas ISD that has shown to produce the desired results in terms of addressing student achievement gaps.

Under the PTY incentive program, “proficient” teachers at PTY will earn an additional $3,000 stipend, with the sum being paid in two separate payments: a $1,000 “signing bonus” in September and an additional $2,000 in May.

“Accomplished” teachers will receive an additional $3,500, which will include the $1,000 September signing bonus along with a $2,500 payment in May.

“Distinguished” teachers will receive a total of $4,000, with $1,000 being paid in September and $3,000 in May.

The designation for the teachers will be assigned from the previous year’s performance, using T-TESS evaluations and district-developed common assessments/benchmarks which will be used as indicators to measure staff effectiveness.

Campus administrators at PTY who also meet the requirements of the plan will be rewarded with additional stipends. Campus instructional coaches, counselors and interventionists will receive an additional $3,500 for meeting the set goals outlined in the plan, with payments of $1,000 in September, $1,250 in December and $1,250 in May.

PTY assistant principals will receive an additional $4,000, with payments of $1,000 in September, $1,500 in December and $1,500 in May. PTY’s principal will also receive a $5,000 stipend, with $1,000 in September and $2,000 each in both December and May.

The additional incentive for PTY staff is in addition to the overall district incentive plan that was adopted last year, which rewards teachers district-wide for student performance in the classroom.

The PTY incentive program goes into effect for 2018-2019, with eligibility based on 2017-2018 classroom performance and evaluations as outlined in the plan.